Good News Bad News about loosing weight

Okay, tonight, due entirely to frustration on my part, I am going to go buy new underwear.  It is kind of a good news bad news kind of deal… and not one I ever thought I would really be looking at.

My underwear no longer fits.  It got to the point today that I had to safety pin it to my bra so it would stay up not let people see  it falling down over the tops of my pants.

Since running is becoming more and more of a really real thing for me, I’m going to invest in a couple pair that will wick moisture becuase sweat runs down my back sometimes.

this is a really weird turn of events that I guess I never considered about getting fitter and loosing some of the weight…

Ran yesterday morning and then walked to the store, so today at lunch I went for a stroll… nothing heavy… just a nice walk.


One response to “Good News Bad News about loosing weight

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