Running Late Again

It is a work from home (with adjusted hours today) day, so I sletp in a little and went late for my run.  I left a good hour and a half after I usually do and it made for a wonderful run.  It meant that I didn’t have to feel unconformable running  a different (less well lit) route… it meant I could run in the short (muddy) grass that isn’t well kept yard grass… it meant I could get some awesome pictures of things I usually don’t pass while I’m running.

I like running in the not road and the not sidewalk, but it is harder to run when it is ‘maintained’ grass (watered… trimmed… mowed regularly)… I can’t keep up a good rhythm in yard grass becuase it squishes weird under foot… but today in the “wild” grass and dirt and mud and rocks it was great.  It was a whole different feel to the workout.  Now I understand why the guy at work doesn’t run road races anymore.

Now I’m sitting drinking a glass of water and my muscles are twitching and my breathing is coming back to nearly normal and I have a dog laying on my shoulder and the sun is streaming in the back door and life is good.


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