Take Your Successes where you can get them

It was a fabulous run this morning.  I made it thought the ENTIRE podrunner interval day 1 to 5 k running every single beat of every single fast interval.

It was nice and cool out during my run and I feel fantastic after the run and I even managed to do 30 modified push ups.  I’m going to have to break down and start doing the NON-modified versions if my arm will tolerate them.  I drank 4 16 oz glasses of water… and 4 cups of lapsong suchong tea.  one egg with salsa and one slice of whole wheat toast.  lunch was a pot-pie (not so great… but protien) and now I’m sitting in the breeze in the back yard listening to Jimmy Buffett.

You take your successes where you can.

Today, it was finishing the entire run at the “right” pace.  It took me a couple weeks to get to where I didn’t slow down about interval 5 or 6… I guess now maybe I can actually say I’m a runner not just a race walker or extra fast walker…  That is a success today.


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