Running on a Foggy Friday Morning

It was mildly foggy this morning when I went out for my run. It wasn’t bad, but bad enough that, had I not had a baggy over my pager, I would have been in trouble for getting it wet. While that isn’t as bad as having it call 911 for me while I’m running and then having them call me back because one bounce of the fanny pack dials emergency and the next hangs up, it is bad enough. There is little difference in the humbling feeling that you get from having an operator ask you if you are sure you are just running for fun and you really don’t need a fire truck or police car and having to grovel to the management where you work for messing up their fairly expensive toys.

I took a step back today… back to First day to 5k week 1. I needed to have the reassurance that I can do it after the biggest part of a week feeling like a failure (didn’t make it to the bathroom for lunch let alone to the gym and I only ran one morning after a week of stomach aches). I did the run and actually felt like I could have kept going, which bolstered my ego just a bit.

Now, I’m sitting listening to folk music (which, when it is instrumental, is a great way to relax at the end of a day) waiting for the kids to call so I can walk over and walk them home. Since it is pager week, I will have to be careful of what I might miss during that walk, but it is such a pretty day. The walk tonight will call for a hoody since it is really chilly coming in the window, and the dog will have to stay out of the water, but it will be a good thing. I took five dollars and bought a weighted jump rope today.

The wind is strong enough that I really can’t be jumping rope outside and the dog loves the novelty of it so inside today isn’t an option… but that is my next version of cross training… jumping rope. That probably isn’t optimal becuase it uses a lot of the same muscles, but it taxes my breathing and my heart rate more than I thought it would, so this is actually a good thing.


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