Not Running THIS Morning

Spent most of the night sick.  So this morning, I slept in a bit (dog decided I needed to get up becuase she needed to pee) and now am just sitting here listening to the sounds of the trains floating in through the window on the breeze.  It would have been a fabulous day to run, too but I know that if I had tried, I would have ended up somewhere down the road sick again and that would not have been pleasant becuase I’m not sure I could have guaged where I was going to be when I got sick and in someone’s yard would have not been neighborly.

Sunrise earth is on tv.  That looks like a wonderful place to run… Point Reyes in California… purple wildflowers and queen annes’ lace, all to the sound of the sea.  Probably scare the elk, though.

Supposed to rain this afternoon… not sure about tomorrow morning.  I may have to dig out my waterproof bag again for my run tomorrow.  Then it is back to pager patrol.  Joy of Joys.  I think, though, that I might have a way to carry it now that doesn’t dial 911 every time I run… so I may have actually gotten past that issue.  I hope so, I really don’t want police and fire trucks coming after me when I’m out for a run just because they can’t make the stupid phone so it doesn’t dial emergency services by bouncing in a fanny pack.  EEsh.

200 days till the Run America Run half marathon.  I still think I can do this.  This morning, I think so with less confidence, but I think so.

Have a marvelously active day.  For me, today, activiety will probably be limited to the 3 or 4 flights of stairs that I go down and back up in the parking garage carrying two laptops.

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