Cold March Morning

The house was warm enough this morning when I got up so I put on my capri leggings and a T-shirt and headed out on my run.  Becuase it was pager duty weekend, and becuase the pager whined all night long, I ran later.  That meant I could run in the daylight and change my route.  I love to run the new route, but it is not well lighted enough for me to run comfortably that way at 5am.  I learned to trust my instincts… so I don’t go that way that early in the morning alone.

What did I find when I went outside?  I found frost on the grass, on the rooves of the houses and on the cars.

I learned that when it is really cold my scar on my arm itches really badly.

I leaned that even wearing leggings and a t-shirt, when it is freezing, I can sweat and when I get in the house the heat (even when the heat isn’t on) is amazing.

A hot bath after a chilly run feels FANTASTIC.


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