Cross Training

It has been being a cross training kind of a day… three days this week.  Tuesday, I did two circuits of the weight machines in the gym then turned to the stationary bike for 20 min and the elliptical for 20 min.

By the time I got done, I was really proud of myself becuase the last time I tried the eliptical machine I made it about 90 seconds before I thought I was going to die.  This time, 20 min had me breaking a sweat and had my heart rate hitting 142 but nothing horrible.

Yesterday and today, it was the elevated treadmill… 25 min on the treadmill… then weights… 30 reps pushing 70 pounds, 30 reps pulling 55 reps, 20 reps pulling down, 20 pulling up.

My abdominals are sore tonight… so are the muscles in my lower back.  But it is a good hurt.

And, I haven’t had a can of pop since Monday… almost entirely water… a little jasmine green tea… a little coffee… tonight, my treat is sugarless drink mix in water and ice.  Tomorrow morning, I run again…  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run.

Tomorrow is a work from home day… I think I will make some sun tea while I sit out back and work… tea without sugar should be good, too.

Tonight, I measured for the first time in a few weeks

23 inch thighs, 36 inch waist.

Still entirely too high, but getting better (even during THAT time)

I wanted to see if my pants fitting better (actually hanging baggy off of my thighs and not tight on my waist or butt… “actually” fitting like they are supposed to) was a lot in my mind or if I really was feeling better and my clothes fitting better.  Wasn’t all in my mind.


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