Walk and a Lime-aid

Easter… Ham (great… ) and Scalloped potatos (more great) but it was worth it.

Ran out of milk with the scalloped potatos.  Walked the mile to CVS to get milk (only 5 days out on the expiration date) and back.  Stopped at Sonic to get a long cold (half priced!) cherry lime-aid.  Got an even bigger drink of water when I got home.

I wasn’t actually anticipating being able to exercise a whole lot today… it was raining when I got up and I needed to hide two easter baskets before the kids got up (I wonder, how many other parents hide easter baskets for teenagers… ) so I knew running was probably out… and my calves hurt from running yesterday a bit so I wanted to let them rest.  The walk was heavenly.

It warmed up nicely today… and it is great to sit and relax and get caught up on life in general.


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