Gilad in Hawaii

Okay, I have not revised my opinion of the guy.  He is still a schmuck.    I wish it wasn’t him on at 5 am on fittv… but at least he is there to work out with when I can’t find my mp3 player.  I didn’t get the workout this morning that I was looking forward to but I worked out.  I’m not sure I buy in to the fact that the people on his DVD commercials look a lot leaner after they use his videos but also have different color hair or hair that is a foot longer or whatever… but on TV he is free and in a pinch he helps keep me in a practice.

I have decided that I really want to go running on the beach where he runs at the end of his program…

I keep talking to people at work who want to know about working out in the gym and how I find the dedication to do this.  Yesterday the new PM lady was in the break room when I was there and she was chatting to me about how she needs to get back into going to the gym… but she just can’t find the ambition.

I guess I really started to look forward to this when I started to feel better (most of the time), breathe better and leaving for work or going back to work at lunch time in a better mood.

Sweaty first thing in the morning is great.  Now if I can just find a way to not get short tempered when I’m getting dumped on… Think anyone has that in an exercise program?  No, I don’t think so either.


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