Loosing Inches

Well, my thighs are now 23.5 inches and my waist is 31.5 inches.

I may not be seeing big weight gain, but I’m still slowly loosing inches.

Today, at the gym, I used the machine that changes incline but will maintain a constant speed.  I managed to do the entire 30 minutes at 4 miles per hour at a maximum of 15% incline.  354 calories down, heart rate up to 176.  Before I started, I took my heart rate and it was 65.  That is the best I think it has ever been.

I’m almost looking forward to getting my blood work done in July.  I actually want to see what my cholesterol numbers are.  I would love to lower my weight to 145 or so… heck, I would just like to get past the plateau that I’m on… but I have to realize that I can get there.

Been looking at web sites on Tai Chi, too.  I think less stress sounds really nice.  I think I would feel like a big giant dork trying to learn the moves, but hey… I didn’t think I would ever be able to maintain a 4 mile per hour pace and I am upping my time and my speed over the next week or so.

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