Shirt Came Today


My shirt came today!!!

Back of my ShirtAnd, what’s even better… DH thought it wouldn’t fit… AND IT DOES!!!front of my shirt I’m thrilled that it came, I’m even more thrilled that it is “only” a large and it fits fine!  I know what I’m wearing to work tomorrow!!!

I’ve committed to not only raising money for Komen Marathon for the Cure, but Marathon Kids.

Komen Team Marathon is for Mom and for Aunt Bea.  Marathon Kids is for Des and Trooper… for everyone that faces the possibility of Type 2 diabetes (Little bro didn’t have a choice, or a way to avoid it… other people can sometimes keep it from happening to them…

I want everyone to know that anything is possible… Getting Fit, Running 26 miles (26 miles all at once, .25 miles at a time, walking, skipping… however you get there)… If I can get here, anyone can to wherever they want to be… 26 miles in a year a hundred yards at a time… it is possible.

Sometimes I wonder if trying for all of this is worth it.  Today, I feel like all of this is worth it…


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