Just another quiet Sunday

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Sun is shining.  It is in the 60s.  It totally sucks being on pager duty.

I went on a several block hustle this morning… until the pager went off and I had to come back home… sigh.

Christmas tree is wonderful company… so is coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.

I’m tired this afternoon.  I feel like i could take a totally forever nap this afternoon.  I don’t feel so bad anymore though, because I realize that tired is a part of me…

I’m starting to try to take stock in why I’m writing (given that I know no one is actually reading this). I want to help someone who is facing what I am facing… or what I have been facing…

I think it is really depressing that, as soon as I was really starting to make progress in loosing weight… I get RA


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