Rheumatorid Arthritis

And… another chapter begins… or maybe… a chapter that I didn’t know had already begun sneaks in.

It has been a bad couple months.  I just guess I’m starting to realize how bad.  For starters, I’m not sure where the whole half month of October went nor most of November.  Thanksgiving wasn’t too terribly bad. I managed the turkey and it turned out really well.

But I have been not feeling “right” for a while.  Not sure why.  Heck, not sure how long… but I know that the last time I felt really really right was at least in June… and it has been getting progressively worse.

It started in my toes (at least that is where I recognize it as being first noticed consciously).  The wide part of my feet got swelled and didn’t really go down.  It hurt and it hurt continuously for a couple weeks.  Shoes got tight (the pair that I got for my birthday.  It couldn’t have been gaining weight… I had/have been loosing.  Wasn’t sure why… figured it was just one of those weird woman things…

My left wrist got a swelled spot on the wrist below my thumb that would come and go…

My fingers would get tight… felt weird to make a fist.  then I couldn’t close the fingers the whole way… I couldn’t make a fist.

First the left hand

Then the right

Weird, huh?  The orthepedist told me that I would get osteoarthritis in my right hand becuase of the break 10 years ago and how badly it healed.

Went to the doctor (after much discussion about my using my hands entirely too much… ) becuase I just couldn’t deal with the inconvenience or the way I was feeling in my joints any more.

Did I do the research first?  Duh.  I had a hunch what it might be.

I was hoping I was being a hypochondriac.

I wasn’t

The DR sent me for blood tests

and xrays

and called me two days later, not the 4 they told me they would

and said you have positive RA factor and you need to see a rheumatologist.

More blood

more x-rays…

now i’m on prednizone and hurting less… scared… and… dealing with reality.


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