Feeling Frustrated at the Limitations I Feel on Myself

I can’t type for long periods of time… and this morning I had a heck of a time using a pen to fill out paperwork at the dentist.  It was very frustrating.  I left my wider than usual pen in the car, and ended up struggling with the pen they gave me.  It was before the aleve kicked in and it was a struggle.  It convinced me that I need to be able to use my own pen when I’m this situation… the wide one I bought that fits my fingers better…

Today was my first day, too, of going to get my monthly MTX blood work.  The lab is REALLY pretty (well decorated) but there was ONE person working… she was the person drawing blood and the one dealing with the people at the desk.  Great… hello… I know it is MLK day, but you know what… this is stupid… the waiting room was full when we got there… and it was full when we left… duh… that HAS to be planning.

This week, so far, has been way better with the MTX side effects.  Yesterday we went to the zoo and had a WONDERFUL time… and I didn’t feel crappy.  Today, I didn’t feel crappy… things are reasonably good… now if the MTX would just start working its magic…


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