Contemplation on a foggy day

Rainy day… foggy day… lazy feeling kind of gray day

Not so bad, though.  Aleve took the edge off and even the bump on my knuckle seems to be going down just a bit.  Maybe the MTX is actually already working…. Hope so..

I’m finding that listening to Donovan music (go figure) is helping… and keeping my little teddy bear that I got just for this purpose handy for times when I’m feeling less optimistic and less able to cope with everything.  I’m really liking Donovan’s Riki Tiki Tavi song (about no one killing his snakes for him any more).  I’m working at killing my own snakes, too…  That one isn’t the one I end up humming all day though… I hum Jennifer Juniper and Sunshine Superman… which tends to drive me nuts because I hum it out loud… not just in my head.

I know that Donovan was a folk singer from when I was just little little… and I have always liked some of his songs… but I never actually LISTENED to some of the words of some of the songs… they were very applicable when I was small… but some are just as applicable now…  change a few of the places around and poof…. You have a relevant meaning…

I’m finding that working out (and I’m loosening the definition of working out) seems to be helping me immensely.  Even if it is walking to the mail box (1 block) or the park (4 blocks) and back on a bad day seems to clear out the cobwebs and the fuzz and makes me feel less tight.


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