Not Affected by the Weather

I’m pleasantly surprised… I haven’t been affected by today’s weather.

It is cold front going through (not the snow.. the FOOT or more of snow) that is north of here, but cold for here none the less… and damp and crappy feeling.

I expected today to be an achy breaky kind of day.  It isn’t.  I’m guessing it is partly thanks to the prednisone.  I am trying to convince myself that it is also due to the fact that MTX is starting to help too… but I’m kind of loosing that battle.   I’m pretty sure that the MTX isn’t kicking in quite that quickly… It is the prednisone… but hey… I can dream.

I’ve started to write more carefully in earnest on my facebook notes… I’m writing about life in Kellyville… the farmville town that I have erected for myself.  I am going to weave in the stories of neighboring homesteads and towns.  It keeps my mind entertained.  I keep thinking that I’m supposed to simplify… but you know what… heck with it.  This is relaxation for me… loosing myself for a few minutes at a time in the digital world.  Am I completely odd?  Am I fooling myself that this is helping?  Am I just being me?


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