I must be crazy

Okay… so, reality is starting to set in.  In two weeks, I go participate in my first half marathon… I must be crazy to think I can do this.  As I sit on the bed wrapped in my heavy  fuzzy blanket as I try to get warm enough… I really must be crazy.

It has been a really not normal Saturday.  It started out with a picture text message from my mommy… it was a picture of her mommy and her sister sitting at the soup social that they were holding today to benefit cancer research.  It was a wonderful picture… and it made me cry.  I got SO homesick… all of a sudden… and it was on a day that I was stuck doing a 10 hour database upgrade (this is where 99.999% of you should just smile, nod, and pretend that you are tuned in… it’s okay, I know the look… it isn’t a big deal) so I couldn’t indulge in feeling like crap.

It is also my post MTX day (and last night the 6 pills hit me weird) so I’m a little on the loopy side anyway…

Also the day when I drop my 10mg prednisone down to 5mg.  I’m supposed to hang in at the 5mg level until after my “race”… to see if I can keep the edge off and hope that the MTX actually starts to do something in the mean time.  Dropping down by half didn’t seem to have any affect, but I didn’t really expect it to… not for at least a day or two.

Damp and chilly (39 degrees at noon)… not cold like up home way, but chilly.

The ham and beans was still yummy… and the pot of coffee (most of it cold by the time I got to it) went a long way to make it a decent day.

But tonight… tonight I’m starting to seriously doubt my sanity.

Who do I think I am… RA not under control…. 30 more pounds AT LEAST to loose… I really am crazy… right?


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