RA Guy post

This morning I was clued in to an article written by RA guy when my facebook went off…

The article is here

It is a really good article and, while more directed to males than females (which I have to admit thinking about it is unusual) that showed up in a UK publication.  It made me think.  It made me think… about what it means to be male… about what it means to be strong… about what it means to have RA.

I try really hard to hide that I have RA.  I work with people not much more than half my age, as a whole and I don’t want to appear to be less than a person.

I work with someone who has back problems who is 5 years older than I am and who 1. often milks the condition and 2. thinks that the world owes him something because he bothers to show up for work even when he has an owie… I don’t want to come off as less than I am or as feeling like I’m owed something just because I hurt.

And I’m not male.

It has to be really hard to be a male with RA in a world that expects so much of you

RA Guy… my hat’s off to you… awesome article


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