Yoga… Day 1

Well, yesterday was my first day of yoga.  Sixty min a day once a week is going to be the perfect amount to get me started.  I tried “taping” the class… but my nano won’t pick up enough to make it very useful.  I will try with my little voice recorder next time.  It seems to do better.

The class made me sore, but sore in a good way.  The teacher gave us a pretty thorough amount of information on poses… and after class people were kind of pulling together into a team to talk about how NOT a total beginner’s class it was and how fast she went and how they thought everyone did.

There were some people in class who were WAY good.  I followed along with the lady next to me.  Apparently that made me seem to be a better than average person.  interesting.

A couple people commented on how far I could take the poses since this is my first class.  I figure my Rheumy will kind of comment somewhere along the way.  She already made the comment that I should, based on where I am in my disease, hurt way more than I do and be less limber than I am but the stretching that I do in the morning after I work out (which I SO have to get back to…) is having its effect.  I’m glad it is. Maybe if it wasn’t… I would have gotten help sooner… but it is what it is.

Now… I need to get a listing of all of the poses that we did and start looking them up and getting a better idea how to do them RIGHT and how to move from one to the other.


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