Early Morning Thinking

Happy Sunday Morning.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.
Robert Schuller

I have a warm fuzzy (okay… okay… I cut her hair so she is pretty much fuzzless) dog curled up at my knee and I’m thinking.  It has been a roller coaster kind of past few days.  This morning I woke up with a head ache and thirsty as all get out…

Thursday (Yoga day) was good… Yoga made me feel really good (I’ve finally given up trying to “keep up” with the teacher and apply modifications where I need to) and even though Friday I was sore, it was a good sore from stretching so much.  I had a productive week at work and that was good too.  Even the city council meeting proclaiming March 26, 2010 to be Purple Day in Round Rock where I actually spoke (albeit not overly well because I was worried about Squirrel and because I didn’t practice much) was good.  Having the Mayor and the council people and the police all hearing and understanding and congratulating us was good.  Squirrel was petrified she was going to have to talk, and she was feeling dizzy so she didn’t enjoy it a whole lot.

Friday was Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness.  I sent out email to about half the company to raise awareness on epilepsy and to ask that the people wear purple.  I was surprised (okay… I was a little surprised… I was a whole lot not surprised) by the outcome.  MY department… not so much in the way of purple wearing.  One guy did have a piece of purple on a hankie… Even my extended department… not so much…  but the departments that I work with every day… THEY did.  That made me smile and it made me cry.  I talked to one guy… who asked me what GOOD it was doing and I really had to think…

But it is… It is all one step at a time…

Tonight… we meet with the lady from the Round Rock Leader to talk about epilepsy and Purple Day.

Today or tomorrow I hope to hear from the people I’ve been emailing about Epilepsy Awareness 5k races.  It looks like I will be working with a team of people to build a brand new race in Austin and learn how to build a similar race next year in Round Rock.

I was really starting to wonder if it was really being a good thing… if it was worth the effort… if it was mattering.  I know that it makes some people feel less than thrilled… I feel like I’m being looked at like I’m doing something ‘wrong’… This morning I got a comment that was made on a posting I made yesterday on my epilepsy blog that told me that it is worth it.  It is going to be a lot of work but it is going to be worth and I really don’t care if I’m going to be irritating people by doing it… it is something that HAS to be done and if not me then who…


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