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Sit with me a minute

Its a cool June morning and I should be off on my walk/run to add miles to the gym. I should try for 13 miles today. The rain isn’t that hard and I won’t melt… But it’s so nice here … Continue reading


Hydaway… nifty new water bottle

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This is an endorsement… but it is one on a product I bought deliberately and will buy again. Back in 2015 there was a really cool product on kickstarter and I remember watching their ‘ad’ and thinking that it was … Continue reading


Cleveland Marathon Expo Day

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I can hardly believe it is already race weekend.  Today is the Expo.  Packet Pickup.  In just hours it will be race day(s).  I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I was certainly expecting it to be bigger … Continue reading


Proof I can do the challenge

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Today I decided that I needed to prove to myself that I could actually finish the challenge I set out to do.  Bear and I do 2 hours at the gym on Saturday and 2 hours at the gym on … Continue reading



So… I joined a Couch to 5k “training” group at work.  When I read the email that was eliciting people to join the group, I wrongfully assumed that it was… you know… COUCH to 5k training.  It does give you … Continue reading


Taking A Day Off

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When I work during the week, I run ridiculously early in the morning.  My whole run (between 2 and 3 miles on average) is done in the dark.  The birds are up singing but it is dark.  The moon is … Continue reading


From Fat To Finish Line

I stumbled onto a facebook group called From Fat To Finish Line.  I figured that was kind of me… so I joined.  I didn’t read a lot… then I started to lurk.  I didn’t realize that “From Fat To Finish … Continue reading


Cleveland Half Marathon is bearing down on me

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Today should have been infusion day. I was supposed to not have one in May so I would be on track for not wanting to chew nails in February for the Fairytale Challenge. I back calculated for when I needed … Continue reading


Struggling Still with Weight Watchers

Don’t think.  Don’t think.  Don’t think.  Just follow the program and it will work. And it’s pretty much working. I eat turkey, eggs and bananas. It’s a life style. Yes, it is.  And I spend EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY … Continue reading


Start With Where You Are

I can’t <insert whatever it is that you think you can’t possibly do>. There are people for whom this is true.  If you have had a total hysterectomy, you are not likely to be able to give birth to a … Continue reading