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Finding the right doctor.

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Stress can really make you hurt a lot. It can trigger a low level (or more) flare that just makes you feel like crap. Bear has been not feeling great recently and he’s pushing way way too hard and I … Continue reading


Morning Coffee August 22, 2019

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Coffee time. It’s rainy and dark enough that I got to see Tower City Center with its lights on. I’m trying hard to find myself again. Sometimes I realize how lost I am… How lost I’m likely to be for … Continue reading


Yes, Three Dogs

Dogs are like potato chips… you can’t have just one? Not exactly but still… eh… we have had just one and it was perfect at the time. My heart aches that she isn’t still here corporeally. Yes, she is here. … Continue reading



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So, this morning started our new, new normal (for now). Friday, Bear was walking the mall and found the pet store. It’s kind of an iffy, shady pet store, but it’s a pet store. The store has been there for … Continue reading


Walking Dogs at 0-dark-thirty in the morning

My dogs seem to enjoy going for walkies. They enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately, the last several days have been either dumping down rain or 92+ degrees in the later afternoon when we usually go for a walk, after I … Continue reading


On Race Etiquette and playing by the rules

Why is it that people who RUN run (you know the really fast ones… the ones who actually GET the water at the water stop in the 5k before they run out of bottles… the ones who finish in the … Continue reading


Rain, go figure

Sitting at my desk in the quiet. Windows are open (only one day did we need the AC so far this year… it’s almost JULY and the windows are still wide open) and I’m listening to the rain. I’m so … Continue reading


Enjoying the moment

Good morning (or good whatever it is where you are when you read this). It’s a quiet morning. I needed this morning more than I realized. For the first time in a while I feel centered and calm. Coffee has … Continue reading


Running The Mile You’re In

So… Has anyone read this book? Run The Mile You’re In??? Listening to it today. It’s not the book I thought I was reading. It’s not the book I need to be reading. It’s not the book that I thought … Continue reading


Running With Dogs

I’ve been struggling. I have been really really struggling lately. I’ve been struggling with health… physical health… mental health… struggling… I have a race in just over a week. I have not been training. I have not really (up until … Continue reading