Suddenly Sunday Again

It’s been quite a week… again… sorry… life is getting ahead of me a lot…

This week was StonyPoint Orchestra Concertthe Pre-UIL orchestra concert… which wiped out Tuesday night.  Don’t they look cute all gussied up?  She hates wearing her gown… he actually likes wearing a tux (go figure).

It was a damp and rainy week and that caused me to ache in marvelous new ways… so I watched their concert but went out into the school hallway to lay on the bench and listen to the rest of the concert.  My knuckles and wrists and ankles have been poking at me and it was not always fun.

BUT… This is a picture from laying on the bench….

It was really interesting to lay there and look up at the flags.  I’m not sure what the criteria is for making it into the roof… because there are lots of flags that I would have thought would be there but that aren’t.  China isn’t there… but Japan is.  Mexico is (duh) but not Australia… it was an interesting study in trying to figure out what is going on with the school.

Apollo is a wonderfully happy dogWednesday was the day that bear went to get put on high blood pressure meds.  Thursday I worried all day because his BP went from 183/107 to 90/58… whoah… big change.  He is getting used to the meds but feeling generally crappy.

Friday was work from home…. I was totally freaking out because I was running out of time to get my MTX script called in and (like it or not) I”m kind of hooked on the chemotherapy drugs that are pushing the ouchies back.  BUT Sean came through and called in the meds… which I took.

I actually didn’t feel as crappy when I got up Saturday morning (which is good since I volunteered to work at Vern’s No Frills 5K) and even though I ached a LOT I went and learned and had a wonderful time.  The brindle puppy is such a wonderful dog… cute… chuck full of personality…

In case there was any doubt… the park where Vern’s is held is in Texas.  This is a part of the sidewalk where I was directing the racers.  I thought the inlay is really pretty.  I have never seen anywhere as prod of where they are as Texas is…

I loved being out in the park.  I was SO worried I wouldn’t be able to find the place… it is kind of… over the river and through the woods but it is a wonderful park.  It has two really cool inhabitants…

Not sure of their names, but they know when the caretakers is on her way with their carrots.

Vern’s No Frills 5k is an awesome race… it costs $1 for anyone not under 18 (free for 18 and under).  It was started by a really cool guy who I would have loved to have known who worked to get people to realize that running and walking is fun… thus the race….  It was wonderful to watch the runners (Vern’s has a facebook page where I posted a link to all of the pictures if you want to see them…

The people who ran are wonderful and I think (given what I’ve heard about Vern) he would approve.

The people who run the race (Georgetown Running Club) are awesome supportive people who run a non-profit geared to teaching people that running or walking can just be fun.  And they are right… and this was a lot of fun.

Got home in time to walk to HEB.. 2 Oranges and BP taken… 7 miles…

Today was our Sunday walk.  I love our Sunday walk… The wild flowers are holding on… and they are still stunning.  If I can’t have October in Western PA at least spring in Central Texas are pretty and colorful too.


It is the season for ants to come back out.

Fire ants suck.  Plain and simple.  I wear size 8 shoes… that tell you how big this hill is?  Ankle high… eesh.  And there were hundreds of them all along the walk.  Happy spring.

Walmart had stainless steel water bottle (my Aluminum ones have been starting to make the water taste funny and I did some digging… apparently they can leach out chemicals into the water as well as making it taste weird… ) which I got and we drink lots of water on our walks now (which is good).  It is still as damp day… so I’m achy… my ankles have been really bothering me… and my wrists and knuckles… all week this week.  I have been (stupidly) trying to tough out the stiffness and the ouchies by not taking Aleve… which I rectified today and it made the 21800 steps easier…. still a bit stiff but not nearly so bad…


One response to “Suddenly Sunday Again

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the 5K; glad you were feeling decent, in spite of the aches. It feels good to be outside in the fresh air, laughing with friends.

    I spent a short time in Biloxi, Mississippi in the olden days — and it was there I discovered fire ants. I’d been warned not to go outside barefooted, but one day I just stepped out onto this little cement slab outside the door… and they got me. My legs started burning. I looked down, and they were covered in fire ants. I had welts for two days. Believe me, I never went out without shoes again!

    Hope today (Saturday) is a good day for you. Your determination to walk and lose weight to help your RA is inspiring. I’m doing it too. :o)


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