A week of reality checks

It’s been an interesting week.   I had good news on Monday… my thyroid test was normal.  Guess that shoots that whole deal on blaming my not being able to loose weight on THAT… ah well… was worth a shot.  It means I don’t have to take any new meds… which is good… but now I don’t know why I’m always cold…

Larry found out that he has way high blood pressure (was 186/102)… and actually WENT to the doctor.  He’s on meds now that mess with his head and makes him light headed and pukey (and has his blood pressure down to 92/58).  He has to be on a low fat diet.  He’s been drinking one Pepsi a day but way lots of water and has been walking everywhere now.  He’s taking it seriously.

No seizure (yet) for Amandya… maybe the meds are actually working.  If we make it past Sunday (and I figured it would have been Tuesday of this week) I think we will be good for April…

Adam… strep is taken care of.  He’s feeling tired a lot, but he doesn’t sleep well… he worries me, but he’s staying in tonight.

Me… today was really stressful.  Yesterday it was rainy and damp and I hurt SO bad.  my ankles were killing me.  I WAAAAAY compensated in yoga class.  Even the industrial strength anti inflamitories didn’t help.  Pharmacy didn’t BOTHER to fax in the refill request for MTX yesterday when I called… I called Dr this morning and they hadn’t gotten the fax and when I called the pharmacy they told me they didn’t have any record of having faxed it.


Not that I enjoy the Saturday way I feel with MTX but to not have it?  What would happen then?  Would I have to fall back?  I called dr… I called pharmacy… I called dr (WHAT freaking doctor’s office closes at NOON on Friday>!>!>!) and the doctor’s answering service and my battery died and I was freaking out.

What do I do if I don’t have the meds?  Do I have to start over at 8 and work up to 10?  Do I loose ground?   I was a wreck… until Sean called to tell me that he finally got it faxed in and I would be good for the next couple weeks…

I have NEVER been more happy to find out I was going to feel incredibly crappy for another Saturday morning…

OH oh oh… but Amandya and I will be going to Vern’s No Frills 5k (I volunteered to work the finish line and talk to the guy who runs it… to find out how to organize a 5k for Epilepsy Awareness).  I should have some wicked cool pictures of working the day in the rain.


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