Just Keep Swimming…

No… it actually was probably warm enough today to swim (I know it was the last couple days) but it is more the “Finding Nemo” version of just keep swimming… just keep swimming… What do we do?  We Swim…

Never been quite sure if Dory was just too dumb to stop swimming or if she was the eternal optimist…

I keep singing the song (sometimes in my head… sometimes… much to Squirrel Girl’s embarrassment… out loud… ) because I’m trying to remind myself to just keep on keeping on.

I’m so over having infected “ingrown toenails”… I just get one healed and another one gets going… It started on my big toe… first right one… then left one (never gets into my left one…)… now it is back to right foot and it is my next toe over (the equivalent of the pointer finger on your foot).

I’m so getting tired of all of this.

And I so know that it is something I’m going to have to keep swimming to deal with (I wonder if the pool water would actually help it… hmmm).

It was a wonderful walk today… Bear’s blood pressure is starting to normalize.  He’s still pretty gung-ho on loosing weight and cutting fat (and Pepsi) from his diet… He is even feeling guilty for eating some of my birthday cake Friday night and the accompanying ice cream (Bryers Neapolitan… YUM… It’s official… I’m old


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