The Little Things #6… Cold Water

Okay… so… this isn’t probably exactly the kind of “things I’m thankful for” kind of set of posts… but… well… whatever.

Today, I am most thankful for cold water… To swim in… to ease the sunburn that I ended up with yesterday… to drink on walks and after walks… to soak my tootsies in… even to soak my hat in to put it on my head.  Cold water is wonderful.

Yesterday we walked to the library in the morning.  It was a great walk… water got warm before it all got drunk, but it was wonderful walk… looking forward to similar walk this morning… when we got home I got a long cold drink and soaked in a cool (water doesn’t get cold from the tap, only cool) bath.

Amandya called when we were almost home from the walk and wanted to know if she could invite her friends to the pool… which is cool… so I went and hunted up my swim suit so I could go too (with her seizures not totally under control… I tend to be a tag-along when things like water are involved… and it turns out that I’m glad I did).  It was 98 degrees yesterday and the cold water I took to drink was good but jumping into the cool water was heavenly.

The sunburn… part if it came from the walk I have to admit… and part from swimming… part, though, from sitting beside her on the side of the pool where she was put when she was lifted out of the pool during her seizure.  Turns out it is a good thing I’m overly cautious.

Home… more cold water… another cool bath… and naproxin sodium…

It’s amazing how it feels when it slides down your throat… when it soaks your head in the heat… when it bites into the hot sweaty skin… it is way quicker to cool down than to warm up… even hot water takes longer to warm you up than cool/cold water takes to chill you down.


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