The Little Things #9 Knowing that it matters

There are things that you KNOW (in your head you know… but sometimes you don’t really remember in your heart) that it matters… whatever it is.

Today… I was reminded in a wonderful way that it matters.

It, in my case, was just the fact that I’m there and that I take the time to BE there.  Sometimes I get caught up in getting the job done and making sure that the less important things get done… but I realized today that my kids know that, no matter what I’m doing, I make sure that I’m there when they need me, even if they only need to know that I’m there… and that knowing is enough.

It made me smile… and it made me cry… both my babies told me that it matters… just the fact that they know that if they need me, I’m there… matters to them more than they may sometimes let on.

Today, I think it was the fact that I made the doctor appointment and the fact that I answered the phone… that I transfer the poetry and quotes from facebook to the poet’s blog… that I’m there to hold her when she seizes and to talk her down when she needs despirately to dump on someone.

I know that my mom doesn’t always know (in her head maybe, but sometimes I don’t know if she knows in her heart) how much it matters that she is there, if if “there” is 1500 miles away and how much it means to me to be able to be “there” for her too.

Today… I realized more than I think almost ever how much the little things really do mean to me and how much the little things really do mean…

It matter…. when everything is gray and swelly and depressing… it matters…


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