The Little Things… A Really Good Day…

Today was a really good day… despite my work laptop having a total meltdown (BUT it didn’t happen until later this afternoon… after my day was pretty much over…)… despite having to make the trip to the neurologist (and despite squirrel’s meds being upped again, this time before she seizes)… despite my glasses having to go into the glasses repair store again… Despite everything it was a really good day.

No one had any seizures.

No one had any allergy attacks.

No one got angry.

Skinny Butt is sleeping off the total achiness.

Dog is laying on the floor munching on dry food just being a dog

I am enjoying the last of my pre-pager week quietness… and getting ready to curl up with a good nook and read for a half hour or so…

All in all… it really has been a good day.

Yesterday wasn’t so much (my hip hurt… that was new) but aleve took it all away… more days should be like today…


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