The Little Things… Waking Up To The Cupboards Reorganized…

First… a little background… We have been keeping the glasses (the plastic brightly colored ones that hold a lot, are easy to hold onto and that everyone seems to enjoy) on the top shelf of the cupboard… they have always been there… that is their home…

Up until the last month or so, getting the glasses down wasn’t a problem for me… more recently, I have been using a long handled wooden spoon to help get them down… knock them over gently… insert spoon end into glass and down they come, gently and (almost) elegantly… it is one of the ways that I have been adapting that… I have just been adapting…. not really thinking about it, just doing it.

Last night, I was getting down a glass, and in my brilliance I had my phone and my ipod and half a dozen other things in my hands so was not being the most elegant thing in the world to begin with… and I managed to knock the glass down on my finger/phone and squish my finger just a bit (yeah, it hurt… but I was good… I didn’t say anything out loud)… I did say (after I pulled my finger out of my mouth) that I should really move those stupid glasses down a shelf.  Bear pointed out that he had just washed 4 of the same glasses (duh!) and I could have used them… and I could have… I am frequently a doofus…

When I got up this morning, I really thought a cup/glass of iced coffee sounded good… so I went and made coffee while I checked email and stuff… when I went to get the glass… Bear had already re-organized the glasses for me… it was so sweet… there they were, at the right height… easily grabbed…

It was all I could do not to cry, it was so sweet.


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