Woah, this is new… bursitis like pain

I was having bursitis and tendinitis in my “booboo” arm (the one I broke 15 years ago roller blading… the one that my RA seems to LOVE a lot) so I know what it feels like… and that is what this feels like.   Trouble is, it is in the “wrong” shoulder and it seems to hit in the middle of the night.  I have not yet correlated it to the MTX nights directly (although coincidentally last night was “that night” and it struck me at about 1 am this morning) but I am starting to notice that it is definitely happening.

Today is clean the bedroom day (actually, it is day 2 of the 4 day clean the bedroom marathon) so this is going to cause me to be less productive than I should be.  It seems to be responding to the naproxin sodium pretty well, so it may not be a big pain in the wherever.  It is just something that is making me go… hmmmm

Anyone else notice that, when other things seem to be moderating somewhat… something like tendinitis or bursitis seems to raise its interesting head?

About seems to lead me to believe this might be a thing that I will now learn to live with.


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