Vibram FiveFingers… Barefoot “Running”

Wow.  I have seen these shoes in a few places and I thought… hmmm… interesting…

So interesting, in fact, that I’ve started looking at “barefoot running”.  Okay, okay… i know my friendly neighborhood rheumatologist said that what I’m actually doing and what I’m supposed to be doing is walking fast… 4 – 4.5 mph on average.  I will never break the land speed record, but it is fast enough to meet the qualifications of the half marathons that I’ve fallen in love with.

Now I’m digging on how doing this kind of thing bare feet might be a good thing.  Yes, I will talk to doctor stephanie before I do anything silly like trying to do it for any distance, but you know, the articles I’ve been reading have started me thinking.  I’ve always loved walking bare feet.  I’ve made myself several pair of bare feet sandals (all upper, no sole) and I walk as much as the 100+ degree weather will permit in the summer (today I made it to the mailbox and back before my feet started to blister).

This article actually has an RA runner who has gone bare feet… and found that it helps her to run faster and longer and with less aches and pains.  I’m all for fewer aches and pains.  Wendy’s blog is here and it is one that I think I’m going to be spending a LOT of time reading.  She is a barefoot racer and she medals in her races.  There may be hope for me yet.

In an attempt to find the middle ground when I need to… I went out to buy a pair of the Vibram Fivefingers Sprint (in lilac… duh… if I can get them in Purple Day purple, I’m all for that) so I have a pair of shoes that will allow me to wear shoes in places where I need to wear shoes and still be nearly bare feet.  My daughter is mortified.  The shoes, in her opinion, are RE RE looking (re re = retarded).  Many of my clothes are re-re looking… oh well.

The shoes are way back ordered.  A hunt on their website shows one reason… their factories are On Vacation from August 6 through August 21.  Shoes will start shipping on Monday.  I may have them before the end of September.  They are a bit pricey. .. and I read where several people have been gifted pairs to publicize (which would be wicked cool!!!).  If this works, though, I may make sure I have a pair I really like for not only the Purple Day 5k but for the Half Marathon in February again.

Stay Tuned for how the barefoot work outs are working… I know I love being bare feet on The Mat in yoga… it really does make me feel more grounded and more in touch with by balance and with mother earth when I end up doing yoga in the yard.  I may be opening a whole new chapter in my evolving adventure!!!


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