well… Here I am… Restatis and my second dose.  They come in “individual”  use package s… 30 uses in a box… 2 boxes a month.  The pharmacist said try to make one tube do both eyes and if there is any left in the package when you are done, throw it away (THROW AWAY $250 a month drops?  HELLO!!!!).  You put one drop (it ends up that it can be a BIG drop) in each eye.

The eye doctor said it usually burns (not like HIS drops burn… that is right away… these seem for me to be a slow burn that lasts about an hour… not an “ow ow ow” burn… more just like they are dry and tired anyway).  He said it will take at  least 3 to 6 months to work.  That is a long time… but then I think that MTX took almost 9 months to get me here… so it really isn’t that long…

The adventure begins.

This week I’m thinking so much more about how all of this really IS invisible to most people (with the exception of anyone who actually stops by here…).

My mom thinks I need to be WAY more visible (since there aren’t a whole lot of people who stop by here) and take up motivational speaking.  Maybe that is another door to look at…


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