Left Foot Right Foot Feet Feet Feet

Today I was ‘warned’ via a team email that a big client will be in the office tomorrow.  We need to clean up our desks (line up my potato heads…. check… dust off my frames and shut the book shelf door… check… ) and it would be a good idea if we could dress corporate casual.

Oh… yeah… uh… okay… damn.

I’m actually wondering if I could just find a way to take tomorrow off.

It isn’t the clothes.  I can do dressier… Just ask my (not) biggest fan.  On occasion I can even get noticed looking human.  That isn’t it.  I will need to wear less comfy shoes…

I’ve just spent the last hour on the floor of my closet trying to find a pair of shoes that will fit without scrunching my toes and the wide part of my foot.  I got my roomiest kickers on, but they certainly weren’t comfy.  I think I can wear my loafers if I find my thinnest pair of socks for in them.

I realized, when I was sitting there trying on shoes that it has been well over a year since I’ve actually gotten on a dressier pair of shoes.  I have been in running/walking shoes or my Teva’s every day.  I realized that I have been wearing them for a reason.  I’ve been avoiding my dressier shoes because my toes and foot joints are so puffy that I just can’t.


I guess tonight I can’t kid myself into the fact that it is just a choice..


One response to “Left Foot Right Foot Feet Feet Feet

  1. Ouch!
    Probably not time for tomorrow, but you can phone a podiatrist’s office and ask where they recommend people get shoes. Or call around to shoe stores. I have two pair of NAOT’s that I really like. People ask where I got them because they’re so cute, not realizing that they hold my orthotics. Expensive, but worth every penny, imo.
    Good luck!


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