Friday Morning Thoughts… The RA adventure continues

Sitting here… it is my pager comp time day off.  I’ve been awake since 3 am thinking… worrying… stressing (yeah… this will help the ouchies, more stress).  Peanut is asleep at the end of the bed, her fuzzy white legs twitching.  She’s apparently chasing the rabbits in her dreams, even though people who are able to see what dogs dream believe that can’t happen… whatever… she’s chasing her rabbits.

Today bear and I “get” to go to Dr Stephanie’s office to learn how to give me MTX injections.

In my head, I know that other people do this every day (like Vaughn used to before he got his insulin pump).  They are little needles.  Lots of people do it.

So why am I scared?  Why am I stressing?


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