A Brand New Mind Set…

Well, it is Friday afternoon…. okay, Friday evening.

30 days (outsourcing) is on Planet Green.

I took a nap after my Dr appointment (I was up at 3 am stressing over the tummy shots).

It has been an educational day.

MTX shots, even in the tummy, aren’t so bad.  I didn’t “do” it myself… Sean the nurse did it… I didn’t want to surprise myself the first time with how much it hurts.  We had a nice chat… discussed what giving yourself shots is like… he was brutally honest, but he made sure that he told me he was telling me the worst case and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but at least in the end I will trust him.

This morning I was reading a really interesting article from elephant journal… it was a great

“I thought for a moment and replied, “There is no separation, and we are all one?””

It was talking how it doesn’t need to be “us” (or me) against “them” (you) but in a lot of ways it turns out that way.  That is really sad.  Very right… because that is the way a lot of things seem to be being… but sad… and wrong.

I look around me and see that everyone that I work with and work around is just like me.  Sure one is “from” Nepal and one from China one is from one is from Pennsylvania.  One has amazing long hair (and he has been doing yoga for 15 years!!!) and one has his head shaved.  Some are in same sex relationships and some are “straight”.  But you know what… everyone goes home to their family (kids, dogs, partner, friends, whatever).  Everyone has bills to pay.  Everyone worries about those bills.  People worry about the people they care about… and those people worry about them.  Even the people who seem a lot like they are working to see how much they can irritate everyone around them… they worry about their loved ones too… they just handle the stress a little differently.

Yes, every vote counts.  But you know what… it doesn’t matter who voted for who when everyone is worrying about feeding/housing/insuring the people who matter to them.  What good does blaming someone for who they voted for or what view they take do?  Does it make YOU feel better?  Superior?

Why can’t people just realize that we are all people.  You don’t have to like everyone (lord knows there are people who I don’t really like a whole lot) but let it be because you don’t like the person, not because of some slight on society that YOU think they may have done.

Get over yourself and realize that we are the same…

that is all

One response to “A Brand New Mind Set…

  1. OMG I love you Soooooooo much!


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