The Customer and the cutomer’s doctor are always… wrong???


Is April there


Hi this is <bbbllllaaahhh bllllaaahhhh bllllaaaaahhhh> pharmacy.  Did your doctor call in a prescription today for inject-able methotrexate?

Yeah… <lets forget for JUST a second that I called YOU an hour ago and you were clueless about said prescription and lets pretend you care about your customers in this ever so wonderful economy>

Is there some REASON your doctor called in methotrexate that is preservative free?  Are you like allergic to something or anything? <first… guys shouldn’t use like unless it is a simile or it is actually LIKE something… valley girl doesn’t really suit some people… Second… I didn’t call the damn thing in, my doctor did… why are you asking ME why my DOCTOR did what my doctor did>

I don’t know.  Probably because that was what they wanted to order?

Well we don’t carry that. <implication… we will NEVER carry it and you can bite me… ha ha ha>

Does anyone in the area carry it?

No.  They don’t make it any more.  We think you should take the preservative methotrexate and we will call your doctor tomorrow to have this fixed. <WHAT?  YOU don’t think I need it?  Maybe there IS a reason?  MAYBE, just maybe I have an auto-immune disease and there is a reason?  Who are YOU to PRESUME to prescribe to me>

Whatever you have to do.

beep… beep… beep… beep beep beep beep

Hello <OTHER pharmacy>?  do you carry perservative free methotrexate?

Yes, we do.  Is there a problem?

Do you have any in stock?


Can you transfer a prescription from <pharmacy down the road>

Yes we can.

good… please do

okay, will be ready in an hour.


Yes maam.


Wow… a pharmacy that isn’t planning on arguing with my doctor about what my doctor prescribed… just because they didn’t like the prescription.  Novel concept.

I can’t believe in the economy the way it is today… that they can drive away customers just because they don’t like what my doctor says I”m supposed to take.

Is it impolite to tell a pharmacy to bite me?

2 responses to “The Customer and the cutomer’s doctor are always… wrong???

  1. I love it when you get feisty.


  2. Good for you, calling around to other pharmacies! Any pharmacy can make a special order for a specific product (I’ve been told), it’s just a question of how willing they are to go to the bother.

    I changed pharmacies a few months ago and have found a HUGE difference in how I’m treated at the new one vs the old one. Hope you like your new pharmacy 🙂


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