Graces… 5

It’s Tuesday.

Dark clouds chase bright blue patches of sky… tall white towers separate the bright blue from the dark gray.  Right now the back yard has shadows and dimming light patches.  It is fun to watch.  The rainy spots of the day… and the humidity have made my “boo boo” arm achey but all in all it was a not so bad day.

Today was an incredible day.  I was in a really good mood… spent most of the day humming stupid songs.  It has been a while since I’ve been in this good a mood.

Which may help to explain my list…

1. Yoga under the stars.  This morning when I got up (before the alarm) and let the dog out in the back yard, I did my ‘sun salutations’ beneath the still dark sky.  There were clouds even then, but between the clouds were patches of beautifully twinkly stars.  The grass, under my bare feet was cold and wet.  It was a really heavy dew over night and it clung to the grass and wet me and my dog as I ran through Bea’s sun salutation that we do every Thursday.  I didn’t push too hard, but it was a wonderful way to stretch and get awake, and nothing hurt (at least not after my first couple bends.

2. Fog.  This morning there was deep patches of thick fog.  It was the kind of fog that you know would dull down the sounds and make them carry further than they ordinarily should.  The only down side of this one was that I was in the car and couldn’t fully enjoy it.

3. Crickets.  When I got out of the car in the parking garage, there was so little noise at just that moment that the whole garage was alive with the sounds of the crickets singing.

4. My Hobbit Shoes are a conversation starter.  I’m getting used to them being the source of humor for people.  I’m even starting to not get pissed at that nearly as often… mostly I figure they just don’t know what to make of it, and laughing is their only outlet.  Today, though, I got to talk to my boss’s boss’s boss about them (he actually met the guy who invented the Vebram’s FiveFingers a few years ago at a local to-do and had actually seen people running in them locally in races.  The conversation was great. ).  Later, one of our project managers stopped, laughed, and then spent the next 20 min talking to me about them.  Are they comfy (yes, totally… even more now that my feet seem to be less puffy).  Are they hard to get used to.  Could she see the bottoms.  It was fun to have people talk to me about them without my coming away feeling like a side show freak.

5. Austin’s own Chicago Dog after the library.  I look forward to having the $2.50 in actual cash to spend on a hot dog when I go to the library.  I don’t usually take the time to leave the building for lunch.  Rarely do I go eat when I do.  I don’t even usually have the cash money for the hot dogs at the cart that sits on the corner of Congress and 8th outside the jewelry store. Today I went to the library and actually had the cash not just my Netspend card so I could splurge on the treat.  Normally when I go there, I get a bratwurst.  Today I opted for the Chicago dog.  Hot dog, green relish, onions, mustard, a pickle spear, 2 chunks of tomato and two hot peppers.  It was killer.  A wonderful treat.  I’m going to have to make sure that I have some money money when I go out, and go out more often.  It was a yummy (if not overly healthy) treat.

6.  Rainbow and bare feet.  After work I went to pick up Amandya at school.  She is drill team commander and I pick her up on my way home from work.  I usually get to watch part of the practice.  Tonight the band took over the parade deck and I had to walk across the field to the back parking lot where they were practicing.  Off to the left you could see the rain the next town over.  The sun was shining half way.  My water bottle (figured out it is a Stanley) was swinging from the hook.  The brass bell on my keys singing as I walked.   As I crossed the grassy field, I saw a rainbow sneak out and keep me company.

7.  I think this one is probably the best one…. Amandya has a sparkle back in her whole body.  She smiles more often.  She walks prouder.  She has more confidence.  She actually will grudgingly admit that some of that is thanks to the lamictal.  Some I think is the B6 as well.  A lot of it is learning that she can do PT without seizing and learning that she is leader enough to be good at commanding the drill team.  She has learned to look back at last year and admit that she was a real bitch a lot of the time.  She had reasons to be a real bitch.  Having your whole life and all of your dreams changed in a 3 hour period on a Sunday afternoon tends to mess with your head and tends to make you a trifle short tempered.  She has started making amends with people she got snotty with last year and is growing so much into such an amazing young woman right before my eyes.  She still doesn’t realize that there is a reason she is my hero… but she will eventually.

It was an amazing day.  It was a positive and bright day.  Now… sun is setting.  Amandya is sitting on the front porch with the boy from her drill team.  He was so proper and cute when he knocked at the door and asked if she was here.  Now they are chatting.


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