Quiet Weekend Ending

Sitting curled up on the bed, dog and nook by my side.  I have a headache this evening but nothing that a nap won’t fix… but I’m totally loving the book The Bucolic Plague and will probably read for at least another chapter.

It’s been a quiet weekend.

Yesterday was Fall Festival at the park.  We live in a MUD district and they had a picnic in the park… free pop and chips… free nachos (we DO live in central texas… duh)… free hamburgers, hot dots and sausage wraps… didn’t win anything in the prize give away.  Did notice that there was one family who had 4 women all who had huge gold hoop earrings and each one had at least 4 or 5 gold teeth.  It struck me that, I don’t know if I would be walking down the street smiling if I were one of them… I would be afraid that, in this economy, someone would off me for my teeth.  It also struck me that people are SO worried about insurance… I’m not sure what insurance pays for gold teeth… I notice things… this was way in your face…

There was a great ‘band’ (duet) who played the first 2.5 hours.  I was sad to hear them quit so the DJ could play.  Some of the DJ music didn’t suck… some of it totally did.

The best part of the party was finding out that they are FINALLY going to put a bathroom in the park.  Is it a sad statement that we have been looking forward to a bathroom so much… the port-a-potties that the construction (road… and elder-care building) companies have up are really pretty much scanky… even when they are clean, the people who use them tend to decorate the walls with sharpie… great…

Today, quick walk down to the grocery store (I am SO trying to not think I’m feeling better only to get shot down at Dr appointment this week).  The trip today? No other purpose other than to buy the “buy one get one free) store brand dog food that Peanut has decided are really good.   Hmmm… $.72 a little plastic tub for the name brand… $.34 for the store brand this week ($.64… buy one get one free)… no brainer.  She is SO going to start oinking soon (what a fat dog… and her butt looks like a pig butt… not that I’ve noticed that when she bounces down the stairs… and not that I’ve watched the pigs I raised for my FFA project <Gertrude and Lulabell>… but… you know… )

Home… harvest my farmville farm (I’ve been re-decorating too… and thinking how to decorate even more and how to work at getting back to working on my farmville story… maybe for NANOWriMo…

Trot off to pick up Adam’s computer at Best Buy… They junked the other one out… apparently if you get a netbook, and the screen gets cracked, it is cheaper (something that took FOUR weeks to determine) to junk it out and replace it… just pay for the extended warranty on the new one.  Home… upgrade Windows… put on Office… make backup disks… and hand it off.

Bath Amandya (she is actually looking forward to getting the cast off so she can take a nice long shower).

Chili is done and a bit on the spicy side (so I’m told… I don’t notice it with this batch so much).  Coffee is being a good company.  Windows are thrown open wide and Peanut is curled up at the bottom of the bed watching Dr G.

This week… Wednesday I’m not looking forward to.  I get to find out what my bloodwork looks like now that I’m ding injectable MTX and I get to find out what the Dr has to say about how many joints are still not behaving well.  I’m worried.  There is a guy at work who was telling me that his mom has RA and she has been on methotrexate for years.  She sounds a lot like me.  She lives with the Git-r-done philosophy even when it hurts and she deals with the fact that it hurts worse sometimes when you push through.  I’m trying hard to learn lessons… it doesn’t always work.

I think I will be most depressed when I can’t keep walking.


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