On Stress

Okay… I’m so totally ready for just a few days without stress.  Tonight, I’m thinking I will just pretty much be satisfied with curling up with the afghan that my mommy made me a few years ago (I don’t think she had a clue how much use this thing was going to get…) and hide from reality for a few hours (aka… sleep… with a fuzz headed bichon that is SO not happy with the “cold”).

Not all stress is bad.  I know that is true.  Some stress (I watch this stress every time I watch my daughter get ready for her upcoming drill meet) is really good stress all in all.  But stress is stress and your body (my body… everyone’s body) reacts to stress in pretty much the same way.  For those of us with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the stress can cause creatively achey places.

I’m celebrating that my injections of MTX are helping and that it is taking more and more of the inflammation out… This is a good thing.  It is even more of a good thing because when I get stressed out a whole bunch I get more achey…

And the past week have been a whole lot of stress… A week ago today we were at the emergency room with Amandya… again… this time for kidney stones… did you know that sixteen is too young for kidney stones.  It is… everyone told us it is… repeatedly…

She was doubled over in pain and only kind of with it… she was throwing up all over everywhere but not throwing up anything.  They put in a an IV and she didn’t even feel it or remember that they took tubes and tubes of blood and that they gave her morphine.  She shivered uncontrollably even under two heated blankets.

The CAT scan they did showed multiple stones in each kidney as well as the one that was trying to work its way out.

So not only did she have one that is unusual, she had multiple at one time which is not really totally normal either.  Really?  Wow…

So, we found an AWESOME urologist.  The guy is funny and communicates well… and he wore a gold and brown polka-dotted bow tie. He kept asking if we wanted to see pictures of the scope that they use to go fetch out the stone if it doesn’t pass on its own.

I don’t know why, but she didn’t want to see it… go figure.

So now we wait for the bottles for the 24 hour urine collection to come in the mail… we wait for the radioactive x-ray… we wait for all of the tests to come back to see what is really going on…

Waiting sucks.

But worse than waiting sucking… it gives me time to read things like the description of the lab where the urine tests will be analyzed… it gives me time to scour the mayo clinic web site.   It gives me time to gather ENTIRELY too much information.

The internet is a wonderful thing… it allows for communication of ideas, for sharing with people a half a world away… it allows you to  brain dump like I’m doing now… but it also allows you to get entirely more information that we ever got access to when I was a kid.  Sometimes that is a good thing.  Sometimes it is a bad thing.

In this case, it lets me think I know what is up with her body and it kind of makes sense.

The last thing I researched in any way like this was my RA and it turned out I was right about this.  I don’t know if I want to be right about this one or not… I do know I don’t want to have to wait another two or more weeks to find out.

I keep thinking that, when I was a kid, it was that you had to wait around for the doctors to give you any information.  Now information is at your finger tips and you have to figure out which to look at as valid… which to worry about… which to weed out as fluff or worse.  Maybe it was better then.  I know it was way easier to have pollyanna glasses then…

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