On imigrants and visitors…

Ok… Standing in line at Walmart McDonald’s… The Hispanic guy at the counter and the three Hispanic women working “the line” found the fact that the couple from India (who were having issues understanding that a cheeseburger came with a beef patty) hilarious.


Is it just as hilarious when someone makes fun of them, do you think?  I’m betting that in the last generation or two those same people rolling around on the floor giggling their butts off that someone who is brand new to being here were in the same position.  Knowing how hard it is to communicate with the people who work the counter at this location… maybe not a few generations.

Why is it okay to make fun of ANYONE?

The EXTREMELY loose definition of fast food AND of service with this place makes it even more frustrating to visit here… I would think it would be more important to get food out in under ten minutes rather than spending all their time making fun of people.


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