Peanutbutter Pie, Turkey Sloppy Joes and koolade

Thanksgiving… day 2

Actually found mom’s new apartment.  I had a map.  I didn’t really need a map, it was right where I thought it was… right where pap became “uncle 5 thumbs” in the cornpicker accident.  It has changed a lot since then, my home town has grown up a bit, although thankfully not as much as where I live has.

Peanut was happy to be finally able to just hang out and be a dog.  I enjoyed a great cup of coffee… and another… and another… and I got to give hugs all around.

Hugs are a really really good thing.  I stored up as many as I could while we were there…

I felt really bad because my sister was trying to rest on the by-oh chair… and we were… a tad loud… but she seemed mostly okay with it.

Mom and I got to have a nice long chat about… well… mostly everybody… and had a nice long chat about how Squirrel is doing dealing with all of her new realities.

Me… she checked out my knuckles.  Thank goodness my knuckle bump was down and my joints were actually behaving themselves despite being cold. I was smart enough to bring my glovies so I kept my hands reasonably warm and I had on my heavy socks so my toosies were toasty too… so I wasn’t hurting too too much.

Supper was wonderful.  Ground turkey sloppy joes, Koolade and peanut-butter pie.

The kids stayed the night (Squirrel got to spend some quality time with her bestest uncle in the world and Adam got to spend some real quality time with HIS bestest uncle in the world).    Bear and I left early-ish because mom had to take Sister-in-law (almost) to the ER for a UI.  We went to visit Bear’s brother which was really nice.  Quiet visit and we hadn’t seen him in a long time.

What?  The pie?  oh… Tom’s peanut butter pie is absolutely killer.  I think it is Adam’s new favorite pie.  It isn’t really heavy… or thick… not like any other peanut butter pie I have ever had.  It is really really good and it so doesn’t last very long.  Now I’m being hit up to make peanut butter pie along with brownies.

The recipe?  it is below.

KILLER Peanut-butter Pie

8 oz cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 to 3/4 cup peanut butter
16 oz cool whip
Chocolate or fudge syrup ( optional)

Mix in large bowl the cheese, sugar, pnutbtr, and 8 oz cool who.
Pour onto graham cracker crust.
Other 8 oz cool whp can go over top of pie and can drizzle chocolate over top.

One response to “Peanutbutter Pie, Turkey Sloppy Joes and koolade

  1. If you have a lust for chocolate just substitute nuttella for the peanut butter. OMG!!!!


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