Fingerless Gloves

I’ve always loved the look of the Bob Cratchit look in hand wear…

His were totally way better looking… they were gray and had the lived in look… these are, interestingly enough, breast cancer support pink and were half of a two pack… the other pair (the actual fingerless gloves pair) was striped white and pink and purple (go purple) and gray… this pair was actually the pair that HAD fingers… but you know what… my knuckles really kind of ache in stupid places… places that the “right” pair of gloves doesn’t quite cover… at least they do sometimes.  So I sat around and looked at the gloves and thought… you know I think if you cut these things you can doctor them enough to make longer fingered fingerless gloves… They are probably still too long… Typing in them isn’t so easy…  but they worked today while my hands hurt… until they warmed up… and the cuffs (go go gadget dead guy in my arm) are just a scooch longer… so it helps just enough of my wrists to really help ease the aching.

Where did I manage to find these wonderful things?

K-MART!  Naturally, they don’t actually have a K-mart anywhere nearby… and Walmart here is the “I’m mister green christmas” land… still only has the ones with full fingers and the aren’t as long in the wrist as the full fingered ones of these… so I stocked up on my recent trip home.  Best yet… Black Friday means they were WAY cheaper than usual… so I totally stocked up.

So now I have a half dozen colors of fingerless gloves.  Lots of black fingered ones that I can alter…

I get made fun of… Gotta love the ridicule that lasts throughout the lifetime of some people… but you know what… I have rarely taken most people’s opinion seriously… And despite the fact that Stacy and Clinton would highly frown on my choices… Right now, I care about the fact that my joints don’t like the cold so much and even on a good day my fingers and toes are cold (which my Rheumatologist tried to explain to me… but all I managed to get out of the conversation is I shouldn’t worry while it isn’t NORMAL, it is kind of normal).

So… there it is… my fingers are happier… and if I can bring laughter to people who don’t care and don’t get it… at least they are happier


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