The Lending Library…

Quiet day today.  We were going to go for a walk but we never actually got that far =(

I have been contemplating how to get more centered this year (again).  Yoga starts in just over a week and a half which will go a long way to helping… and I have a 21 day yoga thing starting in a few days from yoga journal.  Tai Chi has been calling my heart, though.  As I sit here drinking my oolong tea, it is like a siren’s song… so I decided to dig through the library website to see what books on Tai Chi I could find.  I bought one for my nook that isn’t very long but seems to be a good place for me to be starting… there were others I really wanted to read, but at 15 dollars or 20 dollars each, I can usually justify one a pay or one every couple pays…

I found out that my library card expired (more frownie faces) sometime in December.  So I could find the books I wanted to read (top of my list Chi Walking… followed quickly by Tai Chi for Seniors) but not put them on a hold list.

BUT… woohoo… what else I figured out was that our local library has subscribed to an ebook database.  I can check out audio books from my desk at home… I can check out books to read on my nook… and there is access to 15000 public domain epub books that I can peruse at my leisure.

Have I mentioned that I totally love my technology?  Nothing will ever totally take the place of the weight and smell and feel of a book in my hands, but when I’m achey and feeling like even my nook weighs a ton… so… technology is often a better option.

I put myself on multiple wait lists for e-books and a couple of Eve Dallas (JD Robb) audio books… and downloaded a couple of less popular novels.  and… we are off and running… I love the library.


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