More Than Face Value

Do you have someone in your life that people tend to take one look at and make snap judgments about?  Someone who is one of the most amazing people… but who put people off because he looks just a little different and walks to his own drummer…?  I hesitate to call him a black sheep because 1. that is cliche and he is SO not cliche… 2… heck I’m one of the family black sheep, woooo… 3… he TOTALLY is not a sheep… that is an incredibly big thing with him.

He is such a good kid.  He is an incredible person.  He is artsy fartsy.  He reads and plays the violin and this is him with his favorite ‘thing’ in the whole world.  People tend to look at least twice when he is dressed in his big long duster, his black fireman boots, his black hat… looking morose and withdrawn and the dog (peanut) comes running up to him and his face transforms into the most beautiful smile!

He is getting up at 4 am to haul his butt into ‘town’ with me for the half marathon.  He isn’t going just to cheer me on.  He has figured out that he loves to volunteer at the event.  This year he is handing out half marathon medals.  I have a goal… to make my best time quickly enough to have him hand me my medal.  I won’t make it… but it means a lot that he wants to be there with me.

He looks out for his sister.  He is the first one to make fun of her when she deserves it (and lord knows sometimes she deserves it) but he is the most viscous in her defense when it matters… and it matters.

I also have, in my family, at least one person… actually more than one… who tend to dwell a lot on appearances.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not really high on the list of at least one of them.  I get birthday phone calls (sometimes actually on my birthday) and the first words are either about them or about wishing them happy birthday… When I get a phone call it is usually to tell me about the wonderful things that they are doing for their charity or in their lives.  When I get an email it is to ask for me to support…. this or that… never ever to just say hi.

Today I found out today that they actually are impressed with my kid.  I’m proud of him… he really is a good kid… but to know that they think he is a good kid is such a wonderful bounce to my heart… it gives me hope…

He shrugs it off… but it wonderful to know that there are people who live by appearances who think he is a good thing.



One response to “More Than Face Value

  1. I deserve being made fun of thanks a lot!!!

    I’ll just go back to being the outcast of the family and ignoring everyone!


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