Making a Difference

Okay… Okay… I’m listening.  Honest… I am.

Today I got an email from YummyMummy Club, my Epilepsy article is being published in this month’s issue of the Yummy Mummy Club Newsletter… my article is Epilepsy Doesn’t Just Happen to Other People and it is about finding out that my little girl has epilepsy and trying to pass on some information and clear up some misinformation about epilepsy.

There are days when I think maybe I make a difference.  Mostly, I think I am just brain dumping my writing to make myself feel better.  I know that when I write, the people who regularly read often comment and that makes me feel better… like I’m a part of a community.

But this is reaching out of where I am comfortable hiding.  It is reaching out to at least hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who don’t have any idea who I am… who don’t have any vested interest in what I’m writing.  This is just… me taking a chance.

I know my friend from work commented on Facebook to my post from yesterday and so I think this is probably an appropriate day to have found out that my article is published… If I can help just one person… If I can keep just one person from freaking out when they see a seizure (it is NOT a fit… PLEASE… it is NOT a fit) or help just one other parent to take a deep breath and slowly walk down this thorny and scary path that is highly overgrown with the weeds of misinformation and people who judge… if I can help that parent to take the first steps and know that there are many of us who are a little further down the path and we are there to clear away the weeds and take hold of a hand and help just a little… then maybe I do make just a little difference.

Today I’m gaining a little confidence.  Today I’m stretching me courage and thinking about my tomorrows and what I can do with my words to make a difference.

Stay tuned world… and Thank You YummyMummy Club… I needed this today.


One response to “Making a Difference

  1. You are making a difference and this is where you belong. Keep on keeping on. It matters!


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