Wonderfully Happy Unproductive Day

Three weeks from surgery
A couple weeks of being lazy.

all reasons that I should have been way more productive today.  I wasn’t.  And it was the best day.  It wasn’t totally unproductive.   I went for a nice walk and enjoyed the 105 degree heat (yes, lots of water even though it was only about a 2 mile walk) and got my first look at the new bathrooms in the park.  I installed all of the Windows updates on DS’s computer (which we had to have replace ONE WEEK after purchase because the hard-drive completely died… thank you Best Buy for being helpful!!!).  I talked the Squirrel Girl down from her mood which is not getting better despite the meds….

But the best part of my day was taking the time to sit down and carry on a couple of conversations with my wonderful niece.  It isn’t always easy to talk to her, we have managed so many times to miss each other and miss the chance to talk and when she is half a country away… it isn’t as easy as one would think to have the chance to really chat.  Today we did and it was wonderful.  The talks weren’t about anything in particular… dentists, books, songs… irresponsible people… but it was wonderful to spend the day just taking time to be with her on line.

People tend to dump on electronic media and social media but you know, sometimes it is the best thing in the world.  It is like so many things… it is what you make of it… it can be useful and wonderful… or it can be a pain the the tookus and intrusive in every way.  Today… it was wonderful and made me almost feel like I was there talking to Dessy and it made it a wonderful day.



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