Taking Stock and Contemplating

It has been a LONG ten days.  Surgery went well… enough.  Better than I expected, to be honest.  Now to allow healing to take place.   Steri Strips are holding tight.  Incisions are healing nicely.  Swelling is going down.  Even the immense bruises are going away.  And tomorrow I go back to work, brace and all.  Going to be a long day, I have no doubt.

I have spent a lot of time loopy (gotta love pain meds) and a lot of time thinking.  The fires the last couple days might have something to do with that… they have me thinking even more.

I’ve decided that life is too short.  In the words of my baby girl… You don’t know when you are going to die, why not do something totally out of character and enjoy yourself doing it.

I’ve decided to make a more concerted effort to not let stupid people irritate me over stuff that is pointless (at least for five minutes, I’ve decided this).  I know that tomorrow I will find it difficult to not be irritated, but I trust that the peeps that are my friends at work will make it all worth while.

This morning my left wrist was flaring really badly… both hands out of commission for several hours made for a fun morning.  Had my first enbrel shot in a month.  Actually looked forward to it so the creeping in fluffy joints would go back to normal.

Typing is still an adventure… but… it is getting better…


One response to “Taking Stock and Contemplating

  1. Hoping your first day back goes ok for you. And hoping even more that the Enbrel kicks back in for you and soon! Glad your surgery recovery is going well.


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