Good Things That Came From The Wildfires

So much destruction, fear and heartache happening in the Austin area.  How can anything good come from it?

Because of ongoing discussions about the fires ongoing on Facebook, I’ve made a couple new friends.  I’ve found out other people in my area who have similar situations to mine (go go RA… no really GO, GO… GO, now) who are walking similar walks of their very own.

Going a little further down the rabbit trail, because I have found out that there are people like me in the area (no I’m not dumb, I knew they were there, but I didn’t know where and didn’t have a concrete picture of them in my head) I also went on a walk down their Facebook status’s.  And because of that (no no really I’m not ADD, look, shiny chicken) I found Redefine Girly.  There really are people out there like me.

It has been a running joke with my daughter (maybe not joke… something) that any time we go into McDonalds and they have a choice of toys in the Happy Meals… I better not be around when someone orders a Happy Meal… because they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask if you want a girl toy or a boy toy…. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… unless the toy is anatomically correct, you can’t say it is either BOY or GIRL… it is a Hot Wheels Car or a My Pretty Pony… there is nothing inherently girl or boy in any freaking toy.

Amandya gets the deer in headlights look when she hears it and tries to steer me clear of the conversation.

I don’t know if she realizes it or not but what I have always tried to instill in my kids by telling them “there are no girl toys, there are no boy toys, there are toys” is that I have been trying to teach them (and I think I have been somewhat successful) that TOYS is only a euphemism for life.  There are no girl jobs/boy jobs.  There is no career that you cannot do because of gender.  You can read if you are a boy.  You can play Soccer (or Hockey) goalie if you are a girl.

Life is going to put the glass ceilings in place fast enough.  I have always tried to make them understand that they can do what they want to do an society might no “like” it, but you know what, society is so boogered up in so many ways anyway that it really doesn’t matter what they like.  Follow your heart.

We have come to the place where none of us are going to be singers.  Not because it is a gender thing, it is PURELY a talent thing.  But we sing from our hearts and despite being off key.

There are people out there like me.  And I am AWESOME!!!


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