Up Bright And Early Again

Up and at em…

Coffee (okay okay… it is last night’s coffee… but it is coffee)

Tootsies are achey this morning.  This does not make me overly happy, but it is what it is.  All I can do about this is wait and see if the enbrel beats it back into submission.  I’m weighing how happy I am that I decided to fix the bones in my wrist if it means I have to deal with the acheys getting worse and my toes and fingers rebelling.  In the back to waiting and hoping state.

Sitting here curled up in my hoody.  Not really because it is actually cold enough for hoody even outside yet even this early in the morning, but for moral support.  Funny… it is what my squirrel girl is doing right now with her Taco Bell hoody… wearing it to bring family closer (that and her mood ring on a chain around her neck… and her bracelet… and… ).  She is going through the series of “I’m scared of surgery” but “I want this over with” right now.

I don’t like to admit it, but I’m worried too.  That isn’t helping the acheys… I know that in my head.  It doesn’t help to not worry, though.

We see her surgeon today.  The adventure continues.

This morning I am starting to do my very own independent PT.  I probably should follow up with the hand chick, but I really don’t want to have to drive an additional 20 miles just for PT.  I think I’m going to try to do it on my own at least for a while.

Yesterday I pushed my post op appointment up a week.  Over my ulnar head (where it was… it isn’t there any more) I have been hurting pretty good by late afternoon.  It was from the splint rubbing on my wrist.  They took x-rays.  Dr was TOTALLY happy with my progress.  I don’t have to wear the splint any more.

YAY!!! no more splint.

No more excuses to not push harder, and a prescription topical pain steroidal cream.  The pharmacy apologized for  the insurance company not covering the cream and it was (she looked ashamed….) $43.  I thought she was kidding.  She is looking ashamed because it is FORTY THREE dollars.  I take $1800 worth of shots every month, and she is looking like she is robbing me because this stuff is forty three dollars.

It’s funny… I kind of understand where she is coming from.  Once upon a time the doctor prescribed silvadine ointment that was like $50 a bottle.  At that time I thought it was a fortune.  Now, not so much.

It is all a matter of perspective.

2 responses to “Up Bright And Early Again

  1. All I can say is (((HUGS))). Try not to let the ghosts haunt you too much about all of this. You have made a decision and the doubt ghosts will always be there with this disease…go beat em back! And beat em good!


  2. Glad you are free of the splints– It sounds small to those who don’t wear them but what a relief to be rid of them.

    Hang in there and I hope your day is a good one.


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