Rain… YAY… Oy Vei

Woke up this morning to the wonderful music of rain on the side of the house.  It had been so long (months) since we had any really appreciable rain and we have needed it so desperately.  We currently are looking at Phase IV water restrictions and if they don’t fix the pipeline between two lakes north of here in a couple weeks, we are looking at running out of water entirely in under a month.  Scary thought.

It had been so long since we had any water running in the creek (even laying in low spots in the creek) grass was growing in the bottom and it was threatening the need of weed-eater-ing.  Cracks in the ground have gotten wide enough that my feet can go in comfortably a couple inches.

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying the wet weather…

So the rain was great.

It was also less than great.  It means that the front half of both feet feel like someone pushed an extra half foot into each of my feet.  They are stiff and sore and feel extra poofy.  Not a pleasant feeling.  I took one of my industrial strength Naproxin’s and a  bath and even caved in and put on regular walking shoes (as opposed to my hairless hobbit feet).

It didn’t stop my weekend walk with bear… I look forward to that, even more this morning because it is something I only get to do on the weekends.  So even though it was damp and chilly (damp and chilly is wonderful) and the barometric pressure changed (made my arm complain just a bit too, where the plate is and where the end of the bone… uh… isn’t… )… it was a wonderful morning.

I enjoyed the walk, which took longer than it should because of the pictures that I grabbed along the way… but it had been so long for the wet falling from the sky… it was a treasure… and worth toughing out the ouchies to spend just a little time out in it.



3 responses to “Rain… YAY… Oy Vei

  1. Don’t you just love the smell of rain too? It often refreshes me in ways that nothing else can but yes, it does tend to bring out the ouchies. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. The BEST smell of rain is when it is toasty warm outside and it just starts to rain and you can smell the wet on the hot road…

    and you can smell it forever…

    I miss being able to see maple trees turn their silver sides out when rain is coming. =(


  3. Stiffness is the price we pay for a gorgeous and much needed rain. I wish it didn’t work that way but I’m glad you were able to get out and enjoy the freshness and beauty after the storm. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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