Conteplative Morning

Been a hard holiday week.  Did too much.  Stressed too much.  Paying for it now.  Nothing horrible (relax mom) just… crap.

I got my pneumonia shot on Saturday and when the pharmacist told me it is reported to hurt a little more than the flu shot (which frankly didn’t seem to hurt at all) I figured, ah… okay.  This one might actually get sore for a bit.


It felt like someone got angry with me and beat the crap out of my arm with a ball bat.  It got bad enough I got up at midnight and took over the counter pain relievers to take the edge off.  It’s Tuesday and I’m starting to not feel it any more.

Yesterday evening I started my Humira.  I’m still convinced it is just cheaper to let the freaking RA have its way.  $2100 a month for this one… $1800 a month for the last one… and what happens when this one doesn’t work?  It just gets worse and worse.  Geeze.

I don’t know if it was just everything catching up to me, or if it was the Humira, but I started having the weirdest dreams last night… I was freezing… and itchy.  Not a pleasant night’s sleep.

And wake up this morning with sore throat and runny nose.  Great.  Oh boy.

sigh… ah well.  it is what it is.  I’m hoping that the Humira works.  If it doesn’t I’m scared of whatever is next.

Got up early this morning, let the dog out (how does she know it is 4 am?) and started thinking again about buying myself a domain for this blog.  I’m pretty sure it won’t really make much of a difference… The same people who read it now will read it then and that’s about all… but it is worth a shot to try to reach out to more people.

Today is pay day… I will have the funds to buy the domain…. I’ve been seriously toying with doing it for several months.  Now that I have books in progress (one on RA and one on Epilepsy so far) maybe it is time for a little vanity (a vanity page is what they call it when you try to put a brand name on yourself.


Maybe it is really time to take myself seriously…

What do you think?


One response to “Conteplative Morning

  1. I think we need to reach for our dreams and if this is your dream…stretch for it!


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